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There is need in human life for levity. So, enjoy your time here in leisurely frivolity, where no Puritan can condem you.
Thursday, December 17, A.D. 2015
Not Long Ago in Indochina Far Far Away

Behold “real life” Star Wars photography by Zahir Batin. Impressive. Most impressive.

James Joiner explores similar but more urban photography by Thomas Dagg in Esquire: “17 Amazing Photos Mixing Star Wars and Real Life.”

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, December 17, Anno Domini 2015
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Tuesday, December 1, A.D. 2015
The Exemplary Narcissism of Snoopy

Sarah Boxer has a charmingly excellent piece in The Atlantic that Peanuts fans will want to read: “The Exemplary Narcissism of Snoopy.” Boxer defends America’s favorite beagle from opprobrium and offers a beautiful analysis of the strip and of Snoopy’s place therein.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, December 1, Anno Domini 2015
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