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There is need in human life for levity. So, enjoy your time here in leisurely frivolity, where no Puritan can condem you.
Wednesday, November 23, A.D. 2011
Europe from Athens

I am going to pick on the Hellenes two Wednesdays in a row. Several weeks ago, George Michalopulos shared the delightful picture below, “Europe according to the Greeks,” by Yanko Tsvetkov:

It is the best of Tsvetkov’s maps in my opinion. For a larger map that is easier to read, follow this link.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 23, Anno Domini 2011
Wednesday, November 2, A.D. 2011

I found the following on 150 Knots last week:

It is funny, but it also testifies to a truth. As I commented in “Russian Jumper,” had not the winter stopped the French and German invading armies, the women would have done so. Russia demonstrates well how women keep an institution (or a society) going after the men have gone A.W.O.L. Women cannot steer the ship, but they will keep it from going under for a long time. And those Russian broads are tough!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 2, Anno Domini 2011
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