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Wednesday, August 31, A.D. 2011
Rhetoric in Court

Eric Idle’s best Monty Python sketch might have been his day in court (please excuse the Hungarian subtitles):

The comically absurd is but an exaggeration of absurd actuality.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, August 31, Anno Domini 2011
Tuesday, August 30, A.D. 2011
Village Idiots

Monty Python week continues with the “Village Idiots”:

I love to watch John Cleese. Like Tom Baker, Lucille Ball, and Dick Van Dyke, his mere presence on the screen makes me smile.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, August 30, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, August 29, A.D. 2011
Rich Men Talk

This week, Arimathea celebrates Monty Python, starting with some class based one-upmanship:

They were good.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, August 29, Anno Domini 2011
Wednesday, August 24, A.D. 2011
Modern Mother and Daughter

Here is the French and Saunders skit that launched Absolutely Fabulous:

“It is possible to be a socialist and have staff, you know, darling!”

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, August 24, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, August 22, A.D. 2011
Google Recursion

Go ahead; search “recursion” on Google.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, August 22, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, August 8, A.D. 2011
Poor Abe Foxman

Over the next several days, Arimathea will celebrate “heeb week” in honor of the world’s most interesting ethne. As such, enjoy the following 90’s treat from The Onion, “Jewish Anti-Deprecation League Protests New Woody Allen Movie”:

The JADL is decrying Allen’s portrayal of the film’s lead character, Reuben Hirschhorn, a Columbia University creative-writing professor who, despite achieving considerable personal and career success, is plagued by severe self-doubt, hypochondria, perceived sexual inadequacies, an inability to commit to long-term relationships, existential angst, an obsessive fear of death, and disturbing dreams involving his overbearing mother making chicken soup for Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels.

Read the rest. I never tire of saying that I love The Onion.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, August 8, Anno Domini 2011
Tuesday, August 2, A.D. 2011

My friend Andrew sent me this delightful advertisement for the panacea Spenditol:

Lovely. I would like to know why this level of quality is so rare for political ads. This is America; we have a huge industry in Manhattan and in Hollywood that specializes in entertaining manipulation. Are well crafted, witty ads too expensive for most campaigns?

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, August 2, Anno Domini 2011
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