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Monday, April 11, A.D. 2011
Is She a Yellow Dog?

A few months ago, the Washington Post ran an interesting story: “Annandale civic association elects dog as president.” Mark Crawford, the former president of the Hillbrook-Tall Oaks Civic Association, repeatedly tried to get other community members to run for the association’s offices, but no one was interested in sharing the burden. So, Mr. Crawford decided to run Ms. Beatha Lee, his wheaten terrier, which the community duly elected without knowing how much of a bitch Ms. Lee really was. When residents discovered the canine credentials of the new president, they wanted to send Mr. Crawford to the pound.

There are times when I am genuinely appreciative to be an American.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, April 11, Anno Domini 2011
Tuesday, April 5, A.D. 2011
Incomprehensible Shouting Named Official U.S. Language

The Onion News Network brings us “Incomprehensible Shouting Named Official U.S. Language”

Followed by “Devastation in the Congo: a 3D Special Report,” naturally . . .

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, April 5, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, April 4, A.D. 2011
Eat the Rich

Iowa Hawk and Bill Whittle provide a humorous, concrete picture of how irresponsible our government’s spending is and how deranged folks like Michael Moore are who think that taxing the rich will solve our budgetary woes.

Democracies bankrupt themselves.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, April 4, Anno Domini 2011
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