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There is need in human life for levity. So, enjoy your time here in leisurely frivolity, where no Puritan can condem you.
Tuesday, February 22, A.D. 2011
Las Palmas

Here is some comic relief from the recent evil theme. Swede Johannes Nyholm has released a trailer for his short film, Las Palmas, wherein a baby, presumably his daughter, plays the role of the ugly American remarkably well, though she is a cutie. It is creative, well executed, and hilarious.

Nyholm has done some interesting work; check him out.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 22, Anno Domini 2011
Tuesday, February 8, A.D. 2011
Chick Meets Lovecraft

My friend Andrew sent me the following comic jewel: “Why We’re Here.” It is a parody of Jack Chick’s horrid religious tracts by Steve Ellis and Fred Van Lente. Instead of the wrathful, faceless Christ of Chick’s decadent Calvinism, we get Lovecraft’s “Old Ones” from his Cthulhu mythology. I especially like the last page, which mocks Chick’s salvation check boxes.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 8, Anno Domini 2011
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