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Thursday, December 30, A.D. 2010

The Onion News Network announces, “Oprah Invites Hundreds of Lucky Fans to Be Buried with Her in Massive Tomb”:

It could have been better. The Cult is a target rich environment for ridicule.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, December 30, Anno Domini 2010
Wednesday, December 29, A.D. 2010
Social Network Christmas

I found another video online like the Christmas 2.0 production shown yesterday. It has a markedly Protestant vibe, but I found it interesting.

I liked when Mary updated her profile picture. Charmed.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, December 29, Anno Domini 2010
Tuesday, December 28, A.D. 2010
Nativity 2.0

I saw the following video on Auster’s site. It is verily, verily smile inducing.

I liked the “Avoid Romans” option . . . a clever production.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, December 28, Anno Domini 2010
Sunday, December 26, A.D. 2010
The Day Before Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day to the Anglophone denizens of the world!

To celebrate the day, here is a bizarre retelling of the Christmas story by Robyn Hitchcock and Hannah Bird: The Day before Boxing Day.

I have heard that there are canons against depicting Christ as a lamb, though such religious imagery was prominent in the West. I wonder if there is any legislation against depicting the Messiah as a Brussel sprout. Maybe there should be.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, December 26, Anno Domini 2010
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Sunday, December 19, A.D. 2010
Sedaris on Sinterklaas

To those who follow the old calendar, have a good feast of Saint Nicholas.

Someone made a video of the Saint Nicholas Day celebration in the Netherlands, among other things, to complement the audio of David Sedaris’ commentary on the holiday. Sedaris is funny; though, as a Greek, he should know better than to say that Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Turkey. Of course, comedians obscure the truth to highlight the absurd for laughs, but this is a lesser form of comedy. The facts in our crazy world are absurd enough for comedy, as his “Six to Eight Black Men” otherwise demonstrates.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Enjoy the day.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, December 19, Anno Domini 2010
Saturday, December 18, A.D. 2010
Chappelle and Murphy on Prince

The following video of Dave Chappelle’s Show is six years old, but it remains a comedy classic for anyone remotely fascinated by Prince. In case you never watched Chappelle’s Comedy Central program, it featured a segment with Charlie Murphy—Eddie’s brother—called “True Hollywood Stories.” Murphy recounted some of the bizarre episodes that he experienced while hanging among the rich and famous with his brother. This video features Prince (rated PG-13 towards R).

It is the best Prince parody that I have seen. It really captures the essence of his wonderful weirdness.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, December 18, Anno Domini 2010
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Friday, December 17, A.D. 2010
TSA Checkpoint

This sign should notify the public that airport security molesters are near:

Of course, the T.S.A. folks won’t check children anymore, fearing that they will be called paedophiles. I suppose that we are still absolutely safe, as terrorists would never think of strapping explosive devices on their children. Mohammedans do not glorify child jihad, right?

T.S.A.‘s exception for children shows how dishonest and pointless the security regime is. If they wish to let little Sally Smith go without being sexually assaulted, then they should let the vast majority of Americans through unharassed. They should question everyone, with additional and more thorough questioning for foreigners, Mohammedans, people of an ethnicity historically tied to the Dar al-Islam, suspicious answering and acting people, and so on. The innocent Syrian heart surgeon who runs a practice in Bethesda and the Lebanese baker who is traveling to New York to visit relatives should pass the interview. The T.S.A. should only nude scan or frisk those people who fail to pass the previous personal interaction tests, and I would much rather have some sort of explosive triggering machine than nude scans or invasive frisking, even for the nervous and suspiciously acting twenty-two year old Egyptian engineering student who cannot communicate well in English. Pointless combustion in a box would dissuade terrorists from entering airports with body bombs.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, December 17, Anno Domini 2010
Thursday, December 16, A.D. 2010
My First Cavity Search

Here is a nice illustration of the idiocy of our commercial airline security regime:

How will that pornographic monster Napolitano keep the Mohammedans from blowing up planes with anal bombs? Bend over, Uncle Sam!

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, December 16, Anno Domini 2010
Tuesday, December 7, A.D. 2010
Jerry’s Wisdom

I have read many times that Seinfeld was a conservative show in that it took the idiocy of our narcissistic, hedonistic society to its grotesque conclusion. It is a comic display of liberal society’s reductio ad absurdum. I thought of this when I recently encountered one of Jerry’s great lines from “The Baby Shower”:

“Well, Leslie, sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.”

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, December 7, Anno Domini 2010
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Wednesday, December 1, A.D. 2010
Buppy Marriage Negotiations

I found this amusing xtranormal commentary on the contradictory wishes of American upper middle class black women regarding a husband:

It is a rather accurate depiction of buppy women. Of course, S.W.P.L. women share some of these inanities, especially credentialism and the typical female lack of appreciation for logic, but I would say that professional white chicks have another set of cultural idiocies. They certainly would not care about scripture, even inconsistently, and they no longer even pay insincere homage to traditional values. Behold the fabulous rainbow of diverse feminist dysfunction.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, December 1, Anno Domini 2010
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