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Tuesday, November 30, A.D. 2010
We Are Going to Make Sure That This Never Happens Again

Happy feast day to my friend Andrew!

In honor of Andrew, I would like to post an Onion News Network video that mocks one of his pet peeves—the ridiculous overreaction by officials and by the media in our society who pretend that we can secure the world from All Bad Things.

“Truck Accident That Killed Rafters in Canyon Sparks Truck-Canyon-Rafter Reform Debate:

In The Know panelists discuss yesterday’s truck accident, and why nothing was done to prevent the vehicle from accidentally spiraling out of control and killing rafters in canyon below.”

The Onion is brilliant in delivering derision to the deserving.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, November 30, Anno Domini 2010
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Saturday, November 27, A.D. 2010
Ten Centuries in Five Minutes

For cartophiles and fans of European history, this is super hyper mega cool:

I get a little excited when Rus is swallowed up by the Golden Horde, followed by Polish and Lithuanian domination. I think, “Just wait, you rat bastards,” and then the Russkies pop back on the map and roll over their neighbors. Take that, False Dmitri!

Update: The original video disappeared. I found the newer one above that rolls along at a slower rate. One thousand years in ten minutes—still pretty neat.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, November 27, Anno Domini 2010
Thursday, November 25, A.D. 2010
Stouffers’ Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! May you enjoy the feast and count your many blessings.

Instead of writing about Plymouth, ranting about Leftists’ “national day of genocide and mourning,” or pontificating about the shameful inadequacy of human gratitude toward the Lord God All Beneficent, I’ll stay shallow and ironic. Here is one of the best videos ever done by the Onion News Network, “Stouffers to Include Suicide Prevention Tips on Single Serve Microwavable Meals”:

For those of you who are not spending the day with your loved ones, you can at least laugh sardonically at the absurdity of your own existence. Better yet, head to a parish or mission where the community is putting on a Thanksgiving meal. Help out, eat, and enjoy the company of your fellow man.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 25, Anno Domini 2010
Monday, November 22, A.D. 2010
Marsha and Scarlet

Last week, there was a fun discussion on View from the Right about the woman question in The Brady Bunch, which then elicited some thoughful comments about Gone with the Wind: “Feminism and will, as seen in The Brady Bunch and Gone with the Wind.”

Gone with the Wind is my brother Adam’s favorite movie, and I did not get around to see it until a few years ago. I do not know why, but I expected to find it boring. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong I was. The film deserves its fame. Is there a more interesting woman in the history of cinema than Scarlet O’Hara? Usually, books and movies place men in the place of Oedipus, a somewhat admirable creature driven to suffering and torment by the infamous tragic flaw. In Gone with the Wind, O’Hara is the tragic character—a beautiful, tragic woman.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 22, Anno Domini 2010
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Wednesday, November 17, A.D. 2010
That’s a Racist

In the incessant flow of American conservatives’ trying to prove their anti-racist street creds, sometimes fun things surface: Klan hoods, Stalin, and Moses—oh, my!

Got to love the wops . . .

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 17, Anno Domini 2010
Tuesday, November 16, A.D. 2010
Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

Last year, I recommended the documentary “Ape Genius” from Nova. It is a fascinating exploration of ape intelligence, and I was impressed by the researchers’ methods to test the apes. The Onion has a witty rejoinder to such human - great ape endeavors:

They’re good.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, November 16, Anno Domini 2010
Monday, November 15, A.D. 2010
Spaß mit dem Untergang

If you have wasted anytime online for the past few years, you have likely seen video parodies that involve a scene from Der Untergang, a German movie about the end of Hitler’s rule. I think that several of these videos are rather entertaining. I offer two below (rated PG and R, respectively). The first is Hitler’s reaction to the recent American election:

The second comments on the movie’s studio’s decision to file copyright infringement claims. YouTube removed the parodies for a time, but fortunately they returned. I wonder if the following video helped.


Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 15, Anno Domini 2010
Saturday, November 13, A.D. 2010
Professor’s Fantasy

Andrew sent me a video that a professor made with xtranormal. It will be hilarious to anyone who has taught recently (rated R):

It reflects reality—sadly and horrifyingly so.

Here is another painful yet funny one:

O tempora o mores.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, November 13, Anno Domini 2010
Wednesday, November 10, A.D. 2010
Call Me Senator

David Zucker, the director of Airplane! and the Naked Gun movies, created another funny political advertisement this year for the California Senate race. Unfortunately, Ma’am won, but it is entertaining nonetheless. First, if you do not get the reference, please watch how Boxer treated a brigadier general during a committee hearing.

As such, Zucker did not have to try very hard to come up with something funny.

Why, California, why did you send that goon back to the United States Senate?

For a glimpse of Zucker’s earlier political work, watch his Albright ad from six years ago:

Bush and Obama have not done much to deal with the Norks, either.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 10, Anno Domini 2010
Sunday, November 7, A.D. 2010
Colbert and the Creed

I just came across this Colbert Report clip last week, and it is somewhat remarkable. Who but Stephen Colbert could integrate the first part of the Nicene Creed into a comedic political commentary?

While Colbert is a man left of center who parodies as a populist right winger, he remains a sincere Roman Catholic. He interestingly incorporates religion into much of what he does—somewhat surreptitiously. I think that he presents his own form of evangelization for the hordes of lost youth who watch his show. The “Symbol-Minded” segment could be dismissed as simply Colbert’s criticism of Scalia’s position or even lighthearted mockery of the faith. Yet, he manages to convey the creed and to defend the integrity of the cross without alienating his viewers, who are likely disproportionately non-Christian, agnostic, atheistic, or simply apathetic. Sowing seeds, man.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, November 7, Anno Domini 2010
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