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Wednesday, June 30, A.D. 2010
Star Wars Burlesque

Nothing says “white and nerdy” like the bizarre mixture of low brow eroticism with low brow epic entertainment: behold the L.A. Weekly write up, “Star Wars Burlesque: Tatooine-Styled Shenanigans at the Bordello.” As a Star Wars fan myself, I find this fascinating.

But really?!?!?

I mean, really?!?!?

You may review forty-four images of the Devil’s Playground burlesque troupe’s performing Star Warz: “Devil’s Playground Presents Star Warz @ The Music Box.”

I found Chewie the most ridiculous (pictures 28-30). If anything deserves the vulgar “W.T.F.,” this is it. It is entirely fitting here.

That said, Leia is, as always, a rather comely lass. However, the best stage name belongs to the gal who portrays Jabba the Hutt: Scarlet O’Gasm. If you were an Irish burlesque stripper, you could not improve upon that name. She has a nicely defined jaw line, and her musculature makes me wonder if Scarlet used to be a dude. Either that, or Scarlet pulls off androgyny remarkably well (her Jabba appears in photographs 19-23).

Scarlet O’Gasm, however, could never replace my own favorite nerdy troupe of slutty, Irish stage characters—The O’Danny Girls.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, June 30, Anno Domini 2010
Saturday, June 26, A.D. 2010
Clint Webb for Senate

The Whitest Kids You Know have an excellent mock campaign advertisement. Watch, laugh, and cry—it is funny because it is true.

I wish that I could say that D.C. attracts noble idealists, but the District and its charade of power typically attract ladder climbing, self important sorry excuses for human life. From the lowliest staffers to the members themselves, Congress is rotten with “Do you know who I am?” arrogance. The bunch deserves the ridicule that they have always received.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, June 26, Anno Domini 2010
Tuesday, June 22, A.D. 2010
Sexual Harassment and You

I found this funny and painfully all too often accurate Saturday Night Live skit with New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady: “Sexual Harrassment and You”:

Whenever the definition of a crime depends completely on the subjectivity of its supposed victims, there will be inconsistency and injustice in the law. Yet, sexual harrassment lawsuits and other leftist incursions into Americans’ daily lives have have thrown out good Anglo-American legal sense and tradition to create an environment of fear, uncertainty, and institutional cowardice. It is especially mad to base law on the vanity, pride, and irrational sexual impulses of women, which is the real result of sexual harrassment laws. What morons came up with such foolishness? Would it not be better to draft legislation that puts reasonable parameters on allowable actions? Of course, one would need a reasonable population with reasonable judges to handle such law, and perhaps we Americans no longer can afford those luxuries.

I wonder if our present predicament was truly the aim behind such laws, or are the idiotic consequences simply the result of muddleheaded leftist thinking? I always want to know which way to view the enemy: through conspiracy theory or with contempt?

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, June 22, Anno Domini 2010
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