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To see my site as I would like you to see it, you need the following great fonts that you might not already have. You might be wondering, "How do you add fonts?"

It is easy to install new fonts on your computer. If you have Windows, then simply open up the Windows folder on your hard drive. Then, open up the Fonts folder within the Windows folder. Therein, you will see the fonts that you currently have. To add fonts, simply download them into the Fonts folder. You only need to add the file with a .ttf extension; you can disregard the normally accompanying .txt file. Many fonts are free.

For all of the categories, if you do not have any of the listed fonts, you will see simply your boring default serif font.

Standard text

Arimathea's chief text font used to be Perpetua, which is what I use in "real life." Most word processing software includes it. However, Windows alone does not come with it, and its owner Monotype charges money for it. After I kept hearing complaints that readers would not see the page the way I see it, I switched to the common Times New Roman font. Times New Roman is also the default font if you do not have the fonts listed below. For the fancy script fonts, the last resort substitute is Old English Text MT.


The menu font is Lombardic, which is free. If you do not have Lombardic, you will see Mael. If you have neither font, you will see Colonial Uncial. As all of these fonts are free and totally cool, I recommend that you download and install them.

Site name

The site name font is Mael. If you do not have Mael, then you will see Colonial Uncial. You can download these fonts for free by following the links for the menu text above.

Blog date and various subheaders

The font for the date header in each blog entry is Colonial Uncial. If you do not have Colonial Uncial, you will see Mael.

Blog entry title and realm and category descriptions

For the entry, realm, and category titles, you will see Edwardian Script if you have it.