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Monday, February 27, A.O. 2012
Oscar’s Wishful Thinking

“Oscar’s Wishful Thinking” by Hank Stuever in The Washington Post:

Thing is, the academy is still very much living in that past. The tiniest rain cloud had already passed over Oscar’s skies last week, when the Los Angeles Times, after considerable research, gave its readers statistical proof of something true Oscar watchers have sensed all along: Academy membership is far too male (77 percent), long in tooth (86 percent are older than 50) and much, much too white (94 percent!) to exert as much influence over American popular culture as it does.

As we are concerned whether the composition of Hollywood’s creative class proportionally represents the wonderful diversity of the American mosaic, Mr. Stuever might ask if the Academy has an overrepresentation of Jews, folks with an intelligence quotient over 125, or subscribers to The Advocate.

This hack piece by Grünald was published on Monday, February 27, Anno Obsidione 2012

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