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Monday, February 17, A.O. 2014
Memori Vaginae

Once upon a time—a much darker time—human beings would remind themselves of inevitable death so that they would pettily obsess over the state of their insignificant souls. How tedious and banal. In these latter days, that condemned race has switched the object of contemplation. From The Daily Tar Heel: “Vagina Monologues will be performed this weekend in Spanish and English.”

Two women who have never met are performing in this year’s bilingual production of “The Vagina Monologues” for the same reason: to encourage women to embrace their bodies.

“Don’t be afraid to say the word ‘vagina’ anymore!” said junior Ashleigh Curry, the narrator in the English production of Eve Ensler’s famous play. . . .

“When I saw the call for auditions, I was like, ‘What better way to go see it than to be in it and perform?’” Curry said.

Freshman Laura Brache said she decided to audition for “Los Monologos de la Vagina” — the Spanish version of the show — because she was enticed by the play’s controversial content.

“It sounds like it’s specifically about Latinas and it is, but it’s also a symbol for female awareness and recognizing our value,” said Brache, who will be introducing the show and performing a Spanish monologue called, “Porque le gustaba verla,” or, “Because he liked to look at it.” . . .

After the first bilingual production of “The Vagina Monologues” debuted on campus last year, performance host V-Day Carolina tried to expand awareness for this year’s show into the Hispanic community by reaching out to student organization Carolina Hispanic Association (CHispA), sponsors for the Spanish show. . . .

Curry said she didn’t really understand the message of the show before seeing her cast-mates go through their own monologues, and before auditioning she never imagined herself in a show like this.

“We forget about the vagina — all of us — but ‘The Vagina Monologues’ has a way of putting it up in your face,” she said.

We find the change an improvement for the comedy relief that it provides when dealing with mortals and their coil.

This hack piece by Grünald was published on Monday, February 17, Anno Obsidione 2014

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