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Thursday, June 7, A.D. 2012
Zarkov’s Trump

In a comment to the View from the Right post, “The church of liberalism still spreading the message that black incarceration is the result of white racism,” reader Alexis Zarkov provides the best response that I have ever heard to those who refuse to face facts in the color of crime:

How many times do we need to refute the lies about black incarceration rates? It gets tiresome. Most prison inmates are men. Is this evidence of a bias against men by the criminal justice system? Of course not. Men are more aggressive, and prone to commit violent acts. They are more aggressive in every society at every point in history. If by their nature, men can be more violent than women, then why can’t blacks be more violent by their nature than whites? Nevertheless this argument fails to persuade the apologists for black violence, and we have to go further. Let’s eliminate the criminal justice system altogether and look at victimization survey statistics. Crimes reported by victims independent of whether the perpetrator was ultimately caught and punished. If the criminal justice system is truly biased against blacks, then we should see a gross disparity between black incarceration, and what crime victims say.

The National Crime Victimization Survey samples a large number of households and has them report the race of the perpetrator. The methodology is described here. The data from the sample is then extrapolated to the whole U.S. population using statistical methods. Let’s look at Table 40 from the 2005 survey. The first line of the table tells us that in 2005 we had almost four million crimes of violence perpetrated by a lone offender, and then gives a breakdown by race. However, note the column labeled “not known and not available is high,” so it’s better to use “Rape/Sexual Assault” where the unknowns are small. Here we see that blacks were the offenders in nearly half of the approximate 160,000 sexual assaults, while whites were offenders in about one-third. I’m going to assume that almost all sexual assaults were committed by men, so we have black men (six percent of the population) responsible for half these crimes. Non-Hispanic white men are about one-third the population, which just about exactly matches the reported rate of 32.8 percent. This data tells us that the black sexual assault rate is eight times the white sexual assault rate. Thus we would expect that half the men in prison for rape would be black.

How do the so-called civil rights activists deal with these facts? Simple. They deny that the victims can correctly identify the race of the perpetrator, and the victims themselves have a bias towards identifying the offender as black. For example, black Columbia professor Marc Lamont Hill appeared on the O’Reilly television show, and at two minutes and 16 seconds into the interview O’Reilly confronted Hill with similar data. His response: “Self report studies are notoriously unreliable … when people are unsure of the race of their assailant they tend to err on the side of black and brown.” Had O’Reilly been prepared, he would have asked Hill if he thought women were unsure about the race of the man who raped them? As this example illustrates, activists like Hill, will always pull a new rabbit out of the hat to refute any argument. We can never come up with facts, data and analysis rigorous enough to convince them. On the other hand, their accusations of racism can be based on the most flimsy evidence and tendentious analysis.

This is brilliant! What a naughty pleasure it is to watch Leftists squirm in discomfort while they try to navigate their own minefield! For no lefty Take Back the Night marcher will doubt the veracity of a rape victim. We need far more Zarkovs—Clausewitzen in the Kulturkampf.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, June 7, A.D. 2012
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