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Friday, February 8, A.D. 2013
Worthless Republicans

Yesterday, Lawrence Auster expressed his disgust at the moronic, shortsighted leadership of the Republican Party in their thoughtless embrace of leftist policies—this time, “comprehensive immigration reform”: “GOP drinks the Kool-Aid.” As Auster notes in the comments thread, American conservatives’ surrender to their enemies is nothing new. Indeed, Auster frequently argues that the chief role of “conservatives” in American society has been to be the token, ineffective opposition.

Myself, I would enthusiastically support a certain kind of comprehensive immigration reform—namely, the re-institution of Immigration Act of 1924, though perhaps even that legislation is no longer adequate to save the nation. It is a shame that Congress did not pass such a law in the 1880’s. It is more of a shame that the nation wreckers replaced it in A.D. 1965. Not only has such foolishness stagnated the wages of the lower and middle classes for forty years, which thereby depressed native fertility (as large scale immigration almost always does), but it has also ensured the ultimate undoing of the American republic. Balkanized democracies cannot last long. What fiends!

The “intellectual” Right, if that is what we deign to call the remnants of William F. Buckley’s coalition, is no better than the politicians. Vdare has two recent articles about the cluelessness of both the Republicans and their “conservative” media and policy foundation cohorts. James Kirkpatrick reviews the sorry state of the National Review Institute Summit: Conservatism Inc. Stunned—But Not Stunned Enough To Consider Patriotic Immigration Reform,” and John Derbyshire comments on a recent speech by Eric Cantor to the American Enterprise Institute: “John Derbyshire Says Eric Cantor Made A Point—Conservatism Inc. Is Done. He Just Didn’t Mean To.” (Vdare needs to improve the quality of their posts’ titles.) The stories make for a dispiriting read.

However, my inner agitator wonders if the capitulation of the worthless Right may be better for the society in the long run according to the Chernyshevskite principle, “the worse, the better.” The flimsy and fraudulent house of cards must fall. Shouldn’t we just face the catastrophe honestly rather than waiting for the darkness to consume us as fire on both ends of the wick quickly melts the remaining wax of our social order? Let the G.O.P. pass away, and let another political movement replace it—one that acknowledges the oft stated plans and goals of the enemy.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, February 8, A.D. 2013
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Maybe you’re right. Russia seems to be recovering. They went through their leftist phase pretty quickly (by historic standards). They survived it and now it looks like they have a future.

Posted by Bruce on Friday, February 8, A.D. 2013
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