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Friday, April 11, A.D. 2014
Vintage Cincy

Lent is ending (for the Orthodox), and Holy Week is upon us. I wish everyone a good and beneficial Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday, and all the days until Pascha. Arimathea postings will resume afterward.

I do not having anything appropriately pious for the season, but I’ll share a link that my father sent me from the Hamilton County Auditor’s site—Downtown Cincinnati 1968 Vintage Photographs. My father said that some folks at the auditor’s office recently found, scanned, and uploaded them online. They are practical photographs instead of artistic ones—like a 1960’s version of Google’s streetview. Still, I found them interesting. Below is a photograph of Izzy’s original deli:

By the way, Dusty Rhodes, our auditor (since A.D. 1990) and a well known local DJ (since A.D. 1961), is one of only three Democrats for whom I have ever voted—and I’ll continue to do so until he retires. Many years, Mr. Rhodes!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, April 11, A.D. 2014
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My grandfather grew up in the North Avalon neighborhood. My great-grandfather sold the house there in the 1960’s I believe.

Posted by Bruce on Tuesday, April 22, A.D. 2014

Oops. I meant North Avondale.

Posted by Bruce on Friday, May 2, A.D. 2014

I knew where you meant. Still, it would be quite cool to live in Avalon. Consider my patron saint!

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Tuesday, May 6, A.D. 2014

By the way, we still (occasionally) eat Goetta in my family.

Posted by Bruce on Monday, July 14, A.D. 2014


Goetta is one of the few things that I miss after having become a vegetarian in the 90’s. I remember waking up to its aroma on cold school mornings. Deliciously spiced, warm, filling goodness with an enjoyable texture—it smells and tastes like breakfast should!

Does your family eat mush, too? Yum.

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Tuesday, July 15, A.D. 2014

Cornmeal, right? I don’t think I’ve ever tried mush or the carnivore version, scrapple. I’m sure I would like it, though.

We use steel-cut oats in our Goetta. I’ve heard that pinhead oats used in the Cincinnati area are different than steel-cut oats but I don’t know if that’s true.

Posted by Bruce on Wednesday, July 16, A.D. 2014
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