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Friday, August 7, A.D. 2009
Thugs for Mo’

It is unfair though quite easy to select a group of morons and make them represent a larger group negatively. Obese, socialist pig Michael Moore has made a name and an endless pork rind fund for himself by employing such tactics. However, I do not believe that the following video of Arabfest in Dearborn, Michigan is guilty of such.

Western civilization’s experience with the Friends of Mo’ over the centuries would suggest that the video’s makers Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood were quite fortunate to have only had their cameras knocked around. At least, they still have their heads. For how much longer, though, will Mohammedans in America fear to revert to type under the rule of (liberal, Christian, Anglo-Saxon) law? Perhaps, it is a question of numbers . . .

So, why are they here?

Posted by Joseph on Friday, August 7, A.D. 2009
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So, why are they here?

This is a most excellent question, and one that I have thought about quite a bit. They clearly hate everything about the West. They hate our freedom, they hate our ways, they hate our religion, so why are they here?

Some suggest that they are here for economic opportunity. That may have an element of truth in it, because most of their home countries are economic disaster zones. But when they have come to the US, they have isolated themselves in such a way as to not really participate to the fullest in the economic opportunity that the US (or other Western societies) present. So why are they here?

It could be that they are trying to escape oppression at home. They come from some of the most cruel and oppressive countries in the world. But then, when they come to the US (or other Western country), they try to re-create their home land as an ethnic enclave. This extends even to the extent of barring Western people from entering it, making so-called “no-go” zones. They want to introduce Sharia “just for their community” they say, at least at first. I do not believe that they are trying to escape oppression at home because they bring all of the oppression at home with them. So why are they here?

I believe that many of them are here, perhaps unwittingly, as invaders in a program being pushed by the izlamic nations. I would imagine that Saudi Arabia is leading and funding most of this, although I can prove nothing of the sort. I think that they are encouraging their people to immigrate to the West as a means to invade the West. The individual people are but foot soldiers and know nothing of the grand designs of the leaders, but they come as the leading edge of the invasion. And they reproduce like rabbits. They do what comes natural to them which is to act like muzlims, always with a chip on their shoulder, always aggrieved. They naturally try to grab as much territory as they can, and to expand their grasp.

They are here as the foot soldiers in the effort to establish the global caliphate. That is why they are here.

If that analysis is correct, it also says what must be done. They must be expelled, totally. There can be no accommodation, no half-way measures. They must be 100% removed from the West, just as a cancer must be completely removed by surgery to effect a cure. If the surgeon leave a part of the tumor, the cure is not complete and the battle is lost. The situation is identical here. They must be totally removed from the West. I am not calling for the destruction of izlam. Let it continue to exist in the sands of the middle east. But it must be quarantined there. It must not be allowed to exist at all in the Christian world.

Posted by Dr.D on Sunday, August 9, A.D. 2009
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