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Friday, February 19, A.D. 2016
The Mod Quad

A couple of years ago, the University College London’s Union Council banned from campus a group calling itself the Nietzsche Club. The club was to be a philosophy discussion group that studied the writings of Nietzsche, Evola, and Heidegger. The Union Council, which I take is the school’s student government body, expressed concern that such a group could lead to the spread of fascism on campus—because a chief danger to Britain in A.D. 2014 (you know, the U.K. of the Rotherham rapes) was the rise of rightwing fascists. Timur Dautov, a council member who supported banning the reading group, happens to be the president of the University College London Marxist Society. What is good for the leftwing goose is never good for the rightwing gander. At least, honest Communists do not purport to be evenhanded. Who? Whom? is a respectable position for them.

From The Daily Beast article:

The student society was never allowed to hold a public meeting after a series of posters advertising the new group appeared on campus. One asked if there was “too much political correctness?” Another claimed: “Equality is a false God.”

Before those ideas could be explored on university property, the student union stepped in. The fledgling group was banned after the Union Council approved a motion arguing that “there is no meaningful distinction to be made between a far-right and a fascist ideology” and that “fascism is directly threatening to the safety of the UCL student body.”

“Equality is a false God” posters sound pretty appealing to me. Granted, fascion-vorwärt red armbands would have attracted more attention—and accessorized well for the smart set on campus—but I applaud the catchy advertising all the same.

So, Commie agitators have been successful across the pond in stamping out dissent. Such pinko garbage could never happen here in God blessed America, right?

Well, that sadly is a laughable statement these days. As evidence (of which there is plenty), I offer an excellent essay by George Will and some additional articles that Salvo Magazine sent out in its newsletter a few weeks ago:

“America’s higher education brought low” by George Will

“Survey: Liberalism Growing Among College Professors”

“Wise Man on Campus: An Interview with J. Budziszewski” by Marcia Segelstein

“Mind Control: Now Occurring at a University Near You” by Herb London

“Hollowed Halls: Confession of an Ivy League President” by Paul J. Maurer

“Campus Gags: The Not-So-Free Exchange of Ideas” by A.W.R. Hawkins

Indeed, the rot is deep and widespread. A friend who teaches philosophy recently told me that he does not know for how much longer he will be able to include Nietzsche’s writings in his courses. The students find Nietzche’s untimely meditations too distressing to consider. Ecce homo ultimus!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, February 19, A.D. 2016
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