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Monday, January 10, A.D. 2011
The Madness

For fellow old calendarists, may you continue to celebrate the Nativity with joy. Outside your home and temple walls, though, trouble unfortunately stirs.

I have not written on the Tucson shooting because there is just so much there on which to comment. The crime and the reaction to it show so many tragic elements in the human condition that it has overwhelmed my desire to write. I shall try to muster up motivation to post some observations later, but I always recommend Auster’s coverage and his readers’ comments. Let me simply say how troubled I am by the public reaction. It is not that the wicked deed itself is not disturbing, but I acknowledge evil as a painful yet constant fact in our fallen world. The reaction, however, indicates something peculiar about our contemporary society. It is as if America today were Kosovo—a divided land with mutually antagonistic ethnic groups that interpret every passing event through the distorting lens of hatred. Yet, this division does not lie along America’s racial fault lines but rather along ideological ones. This past decade has offered so many of these moments that I have lost confidence that the American regime will outlast my generation’s lifetime. That is a radical statement, and perhaps I would think differently had I seen the madness of the Sixties’ cultural revolution. Yet, I think that the great unraveling is still ongoing, and the dissolution of our society will be the consequence. I hope that I am wrong, but I do not see how the United States can survive.

Anyway, when I read Auster’s posts, I saw that he had already mentioned several of the points that occurred to me, including, of course, the bizarre Twilight Zone discrepancy between the media’s treatment of the Arizona shooting and the way in which the Fourth Estate handles the never ending panoply of Mohammedan aggression. Check out:

“Once again the left cranks out the Big Lie”
“How the Times headline about killer misrepresents the facts about him in the Times story”
“While the media blame “conservative hatred” for a mentally ill killer, they ignore the hate spread by the President of the United States”
“VFR readers comment on the left’s Big Lie and the truth about Jared Lee Loughner”
“The net spreads: Lawrence Auster is linked to Arizona mass murderer”
“Appalling behavior by Republicans that gave the lying left an opening to blame the Tucson mass murder on Republicans and conservatives”
“Fellow student wrote of her fear of Loughner”
“For the left, ideology has replaced reality”
“Even as the liberals’ Big Lie about conservatives’ responsibility for the massacre is being rapidly discredited by the facts, the liberals can’t let go of it”
“Humans whose souls have been replaced by politics”
“The argument, untouched and unconceived by mainstream conservatives, which would put the liberals on the defensive”
“Clarence (“Bill Clinton”) Dupnik does it again, blames Limbaugh for mass murder”
“A homicidal psycho right out of central casting”
“The DHS memo”

One of the reasons that I started my blog was that I wanted to see honest, principled points online, even if they were rather unknown to the rest of the world. Consider it a pointless though sincere cry into the void—an act of intellectual desperation, perhaps. For “mainstream” news shies away from fundamentals and, of course, inconvenient truths (Steve Sailer’s group calls such “hatefacts,” which is jolly appropriate). Soon after Arimathea began, though, I discovered Auster, who always gnaws to the marrow of issues. I am thankful for his work.

As for the murdered, maimed, and their loved ones, let us keep them in our prayers. There is never a shortage of people to be remembered. Memory eternal!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, January 10, A.D. 2011
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