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Thursday, March 7, A.D. 2013
The Anglican Itch

With the title, I refer not to the expected increase in sexually transmitted diseases among the members of the Anglican communion as a result of their slippery K-Y coated slope of discarded morality. Rather, I offer you “The Anglican Itch” by Cyril Jenkins in Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, wherein Jenkins responds to Anglican counsel against conversion to Orthodoxy. As religious polemics go, the Conciliar Anglican’s post is as genteel and polite as one would expect from Canterbury’s better half. It reminds me why I like the Anglicans—and why my heart aches when I witness their troubles. However, they now have Anglicanorum Coetibus from Rome and the Western rite from us. Their return to Catholicism has never been easier, and yet few swim the Tiber or the Bosphorus (or should we say the Volga nowadays?), as I note in “Joseph Julian Overbeck.” I blame inertia more than pride, and nothing will shock them to move if the apostasy of the last decades has not yet created a stir. Such reminds me of a joke that I heard as a young’un, where two pious Episcopalians are sitting in the pew as a lesbian priestess in African garb blesses an elephant carrying depictions of Hindu deities while her lover does an ad-lib liturgical dance to pagan odes in honor of Gaia sung by a transexual men and boys choir. One of the gentlemen leans over to the other and testily whispers, “If they change one more thing, I’m out of here!” No—no, John Doe remains, ever the long suffering beautiful WASP unwilling to make a fuss.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, March 7, A.D. 2013
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Very timely post for me. I am a continuing Anglican in the Traditional Anglican Communion (no connection other than an historic one to Canterbury.) I am in the process of converting to the Anglican Ordinariate. I had no idea there was a Western Rite in the ROCOR.
Some of the priests in the Anglican Continuum claim that a few generations ago, the Orthodox recognized the validity of Anglican Holy Orders and that Orthodox Christians were allowed to take sacrament at Anglican Churches. I don’t which group of EO they are referring to.

Posted by Bruce on Thursday, March 7, A.D. 2013


I address that “recognition” of orders in the linked story about Joseph Julian Overbeck.

The Russian Church began to offer a Western rite in the nineteenth century. The Patriarchate of Antioch is the other Orthodox Church to have a Western rite. I don’t think that it is as old, but I suspect that it is bigger, at least in the Anglosphere. It is odd to think that the Arabs, who have suffered dhimmitude for thirteen centuries, have not succumbed to parochialism. They as well as the Copts are extraordinarily evangelical when they are allowed to be. If it were not for bans on proselytism and apostasy laws in the Middle East, I suspect that they would have succeeded in converting most of their ethnic peers to the faith. In the West, they have no such restrictions, and they are doing good work.

The Greeks and the O.C.A. have been quite hostile to the Western rite. I have written about the Western rite in “What Could We Salvage in the West?” and “Saint Patrick.”

As far as Rome goes, I am quite pleased with Anglicanorum Coetibus. I just wish that the return of the Church of England to the apostolic faith would be corporate rather than piecemeal. A century ago, that seemed possible. Alas, no more . . .

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Friday, March 8, A.D. 2013
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