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Thursday, July 5, A.D. 2012
Random Disputes Gone Tragically Wrong

Lawrence Auster offers mordant commentary to the widespread newspeak of American police and media: “LAPD coins new phrase for rampant black homicide of non-blacks.” Auster responds to a Los Angeles officer who referred to the murder of a restaurant cook by a group of black customers as “a random dispute that went tragically wrong.”

“It was a random dispute that went tragically wrong.” That is so perfect. Over the years VFR has many times discussed the dishonest euphemisms that police spokesmen use for black homicidal violence against non-blacks, particularly variations on the phrase, “An X gone wrong,” but this may be the best ever. Let us analyze it.

First, there is the “random dispute.” The term shields the reading public from the hateful knowledge that blacks, and only blacks, create such “disputes” continuously, especially in fast food establishments, where they initiate arguments and fights with the management about slow service, incorrect bills, the employees’ “racism,” and so on. No one is guilty or responsible in a “random dispute,” it is something that just happens by itself, having no more moral content than dust particles floating about at random in a ray of sunlight.

Second, somehow, this random dispute, all by itself, “goes tragically wrong.” It’s not a matter of a human being pulling out a gun, aiming it at another human being, and shooting him dead. No. It is the dispute itself which “tragically”—the word “tragically” again underscoring the absence of any culpable intention—goes in a bad, indeed the baddest, direction.

The overwhelming majority of homicides by blacks, especially homicides of non-blacks, where politically correct police spokesmen have the strongest need to cover up the truth, could be described as random disputes gone tragically wrong.

I propose that Detective Nuttle, in recognition of his signal contributions both to American English and to racial comity, receive the National Award for Best Obfuscatory, Non-Judgmental Euphemism for Black Homicidal Mayhem.

Further, I propose that in instances where the defendant is black the penal codes of all fifty states and the District of Columbia replace the words “homicide” and “murder” by the phrase “random dispute gone tragically wrong.” We would then have such crimes as “Random dispute gone tragically wrong in the first degree,” “Random dispute gone tragically wrong in the second degree,” and so on. The creation of a new class of crimes for black defendants is justified on the basis that since white racism has for the last four hundred years systematically stripped blacks of their humanity, including the capacity to make moral choices, it is racist to attribute criminal intent to black defendants the same way it is attributed to non-black defendants.

Finally, each Monday morning’s edition of the Chicago Tribune could have headlines like this:

Random Disputes Gone Tragically Wrong Spread Across the City.
Over Weekend, 50 Random Disputes Go Wrong, Ten of Them Tragically.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 5, A.D. 2012
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