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Monday, March 12, A.D. 2018
Putin’s Family Values versus the Emasculation of American Men

The wise often remind us that life in this vale of tears is always in flux, with certain aspects of the world undergoing improvements while others decay. At least, this is what my friends tell me the wise say when I lament how far to hell the handbasket has already traveled. Last night, I pondered their counsel after I encountered the two following videos while reading some blogs that I regularly visit. The first video is a program from Australia’s SBS Dateline that I found on George Michalopulos’ site. It is clear that the segment’s journalist finds “Putin’s family values” alarming, but I would say that the episode is fair according to what we normally see from the agents of Satan. Let it suffice to say that the very same material horrified and gratified the right people.

What a delight it is to witness the demonic work of the Soviets melting away like wax before fire!

Again, the Aussie show is probably generous to the Russians compared to recent mainstream American media standards, though note how Tatiana Sorokina’s open house for orphans is set up as a contrast to the priest’s family (with Phariseeism not so subtly implied). For all we know, the Sorokins are a pious Orthodox family. Yet, covering salt of the earth Christian generosity and self-giving would not work as well for the narrative. Still, I’ll forgive the journalists all just for the delightful line, “Russian Orthodoxy is not a turn the other cheek religion.” I laughed out loud and actually teared up a bit mirthfully. By the way, if you would like to know more about Tatiana Sorokina, the Russian press has several stories about her large and large hearted family. Now a widow, Tatiana must support her children without her late husband’s help. Please pray for this dear woman and for the recently deceased Michael.

Overall, yet more joyous news from Russia! Alas, I then turned to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s blog, where the culinary cleric had posted the following sobering segment from Tucker Carlson’s show:

My old friend Tyler just asked in a comment to an earlier post whether I knew about Dr. Peterson, and I certainly do. I am impressed by his reach; even my brother listens to him. We should thank and encourage Dr. Peterson and all those who have elected to defend the city from the latest horde of barbarians. To the minions of hell, they say, “You assail our civilization. You demand that we surrender our culture, our children, our very faith! Mολὼν λαβέ.”

So, the world’s affairs make for quite a mix. I wish the Russians well; they deserve brighter days after the past century of trials and martyrs. I also hope for the West’s metanoia. We will wake from our nightmare, or our peoples will die.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, March 12, A.D. 2018
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Dear Joseph,
It might be we have much more in common than just interest in obscure sides of history and in Theology. I came across some of your posts/comments in Orthosphere and liked them. You may find more about who ‘m I on my FB page combining my Christian name (vide supra) with my family name Faigl. In the Icon therein, I’m almost invisibly present, but Im confident yo will find me there.
With U tube it is a problem: both videos on your Putins_family_values have disappeared. Perhaps next time (hope there is something like next time) you may chose to download them to your blog (disconnected from the U Tube censors).
Be blessed and under God’s care

Posted by Pavel on Saturday, September 15, A.D. 2018

Greetings! Thank you for alerting me to the dead video links. I could not track down the Dateline story elsewhere, though the linked page features a video that might be available to Australians. It was inactive for me. I did find the Carlson segment—at least it is the one that I believe was originally linked.

I wish you the best. At my D.C. parish, we had an Aussie priest of Russo-Chinese ancestry for some years before he returned to his homeland. I always enjoyed hearing his sermons with his Southern Cross accent. And speaking of your country, are you familiar with Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative? I find him very insightful. He apparently organizes traditionalist meetings in eastern Australia. So, you might be able to attend one of those gatherings. Vale!

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Monday, September 24, A.D. 2018
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