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Saturday, January 1, A.D. 2011
Prager Channels Roissy

Happy New Year! May A.D. 2011 be joyful and blessed for you.

A friend of mine sent me two articles in National Review by Dennis Prager: “What Do Men Want?” and “What Do Women Want?” They are short and quite sensible. As I read them, I thought of Roissy. For Prager presents the fundamental insights of those “Game” enthusiasts, though without the reductionism and resigned moral depravity in which Roissy unfortunately indulges.

I actually like Roissy, but his chosen life path saddens me. He is a good example of a talented nihilist who willingly condescends to the lowest common denominator of the new barbaric age. He reminds me of Socratic parables wherein a man suited for reason debases himself through misology and abdication to the appetites. There is no shortage of two legged beasts, but it is especially tragic—and demonic—when intelligent, insightful people choose such a lower life.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, January 1, A.D. 2011
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