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Wednesday, July 3, A.D. 2013
Politics of Dance

This past weekend, I attended the Panegyri Festival while visiting home. I had not been to the Greek fest for many years, and I was surprised by how much it had grown. Besides the food (the food!), the main entertainment consisted of music and dancing. At the end of the evening, the musicians and dancers welcomed the audience to participate in the communal dancing. While I watched the revelers, I thought about the communal aspect of the dancing. Everyone participates in such circle dancing; it is a group oriented activity. While there may be individual or coupled dancing, the chief Greek dances are communal. The same seems to be true for many other ethnicities. This appears quite unlike the somewhat exclusive coupled dancing of the Anglosphere, though square dancing and other forms of complex dances that use couples as their base units tend toward the communal. I wonder if communal dancing reflects the more communal social tendencies of certain peoples whereas our American focus on coupled dancing results from our WASPy nuclear family model society.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 3, A.D. 2013
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