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Friday, February 6, A.D. 2015
Peter Thiel on the Competition Myth

Peter Thiel, genius and billionaire, offers some fresh advice in the Intercollegiate Review: “The Competition Myth.” Send the link to the young adults that you know.

Thiel is interesting. I wish that the elite captains who steer the ships of our social fleet were more like him—and that today’s Forbes list consisted of men like the Crosley brothers, Milton Hershey, Howard Hughes, Thomas Edison, Rockefeller . . . men of genius, vision, courage, and great will. Well, Silicon Valley is full of amazing folks, and there is Elon Musk, but America’s dominant class today largely reeks of cowardice and dishonesty. Such makes sense—for they lead a craven, lying people.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, February 6, A.D. 2015
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In which ways are Americans a “craven and lying people”?

Posted by Anna on Saturday, February 21, A.D. 2015


I apologize for the delay; I have not been on my account for many days. I just checked and found your comment. By coincidence, there is a short relevant recent post from the Orthosphere, a site that I read: “Doubly Mendacious Shepherds.”

The American people are complicit in the seemingly endless lies that inform our public discourse. We accept the lies because we are (1) dishonest ourselves, (2) too cowardly to resist the falsehoods, or (3) both. Hence, we are a craven and lying people.

For an example, let us consider the late Lawrence Auster. A healthy, honest people would have honored such a man—universities would have invited him to lecture, press shows would have interviewed him, and the papers would be full of editorials discussing matters that he addressed in the same robust spirit. In our twilight civilization, however, he was cast to the fringes—his person and his ideas having been long banished from “respectable” circles.

In other news, the Grey Lady’s resident sane opinion writer (Douthat) has now begun using the term cisgendered in his essays. And the average NYT reader doesn’t even pause to marvel.

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Saturday, February 28, A.D. 2015
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