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Tuesday, September 16, A.D. 2014
One Woman’s Crusade against Litter—Russkie style

My brother and fellow Russophile Aaron sent me the following video that tickled me кра́сный:

The video combines so many of my loves—Russians, just deserts, vigilantism, cleanliness, hard lessons, spunky women on bikes—how delightful!

Да здравствует революция—против мусора!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, September 16, A.D. 2014
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I am adding you to my Blogroll, my friend. It is good to find Orthodox reactionaries to engage with around the Orthosphere.

Glory be to God

Posted by Mark Citadel on Tuesday, September 30, A.D. 2014

Thank you, Mark. Good luck on your journey, fellow wayfarer.

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Wednesday, October 1, A.D. 2014
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