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Tuesday, July 17, A.D. 2012
Murder of the Imperial Family

On this day ninety-four years ago, July 17, A.D. 1918, Bolshevik minions murdered the imperial family and their servants in Ekaterinburg. You may read about their last moments on Eye Witness to History. The following is from Pavel Medvedev, one of the Communist soldiers in Ekaterinburg:

The maid carried a pillow. The Tsar’s daughters also brought small pillows with them. One pillow was put on the Empress’s chair; another on the heir’s chair. It seemed as if all of them guessed their fate, but not one of them uttered a single sound. At this moment eleven men entered the room: Yurovsky, his assistant, two members of the Extraordinary Commission, and seven Letts [operatives of the infamous Cheka or Secret Police].

Yurovsky ordered me to leave, saying, ‘Go on to the street, see if there is anybody there, and wait to see whether the shots have been heard.’ I went out to the court, which was enclosed by a fence, but before I got to the street I heard the firing. I returned to the house immediately (only two or three minutes having elapsed) and upon entering the room where the execution had taken place, I saw that all the members of the Tsar’s family were lying on the floor with many wounds in their bodies. The blood was running in streams. The doctor, the maid and two waiters had also been shot. When I entered the heir was still alive and moaned a little. Yurovsky went up and fired two or three more times at him. Then the heir was still.”

Christian charity demands that we pray for the forgiveness of such monsters. I am not capable of that. The blood of those children cried to heaven for justice, and justice swiftly came upon the whole land. I suppose that I am wrong in wishing for the malefactors to be tormented and to burn in hell forever.

The Eastern American Diocese of R.O.C.O.R. has a short article on Tsar Nicholas II. Royal Russia News features an exhibition about the deaths of the imperial family.

May the people’s repentance of their regicide bring forth a renewal of Russia; for their penance has been severe.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, July 17, A.D. 2012
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