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Tuesday, April 9, A.D. 2013
Memory Eternal for the Iron Lady

Yesterday, Baroness Margaret Thatcher died. May her memory be eternal.

The Telegraph lists reactions from British and world politicians and other public personalities, including the following tribute from Nancy Reagan:

It is well known that my husband and Lady Thatcher enjoyed a very special relationship as leaders of their respective countries during one of the most difficult and pivotal periods in modern history.

Ronnie and Margaret were political soul mates, committed to freedom and resolved to end communism. The world has lost a true champion of freedom and democracy.

As Prime Minister, Margaret had the clear vision and strong determination to stand up for her beliefs at a time when so many were afraid to ‘rock the boat’.

As a result, she helped to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the liberation of millions of people. Ronnie and I knew her as a dear and trusted friend, and I will miss her.

The United States knew Margaret as a spirited and courageous ally, and the world owes her a debt of gratitude.

Here is the lady during her last few days as Prime Minister arguing against the latest levellers to plague Albion:

An admirer who maintains the Youtube channel thatcheritescotthatcheritescot has compiled bits of speeches into two videos that will surely bring a smile to your face:


Thatcher now joins the other formidable and courageous persons of her generation, including Ronald Reagan, Václav Havel, John Paul II, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who have fully graduated from their service to the common good and have journeyed to better climes. Let us pray for their souls, and, God willing, may they pray for us in troubled times.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, April 9, A.D. 2013
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