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Friday, January 30, A.D. 2015
Like a Girl

Proctor & Gamble is a major company in Cincinnati; the global corporate giant began here and continues to have its headquarters in town. I know many people who work for the company in different capacities. So, for tribal reasons, I support the company and buy its products. However, like most corporations today, Proctor & Gamble is controlled by leftist toadies. I suppose this is the price they must pay to play the game “successfully” in the dominion of this world.

My annoyance with the company on this occasion involves their commercial “Like a Girl” that will air during the Super Bowl according to local media. You may read about the advertisement on the Business Insider: “P&G Asked Kids What It Means to Do Something ‘Like a Girl’ — Here’s What They Said.” In short, the commercial producers bring in adults—who, we are supposed to note, have been enculturated by a patriarchal paradigm—and then ask the adults to perform certain actions like “run like a girl” or “fight like a girl.” The producers then bring in young girls—those blissfully untainted Rousseauian savages not yet corrupted by sexist Western civilization—and ask them to do the same. The girls that they show just perform the actions as well as they can, since they are, after all, girls.

The commercial is supposed to be inspiring and liberating—according to dozens of journalistic reviews that you may read online. However, it is stupid. I see why P&G has produced it—the company has a brilliant marketing team that knows how to manipulate its female customer base with total precision—and they often do this by feeding women’s inherent narcissistic tendencies or affirming their unreflective, unreflected opinions absorbed from Marxist education and media saturation. At times, this form of emotional pandering is unobjectionable, as with P&G’s “Mom” ads during the Olympics. In those, the commercials emphasized maternal self-sacrifice and responsibility for molding the character of the next generation. These are necessary ingredients in the recipe for a strong, healthy society, and they should always be affirmed. In the latest commercial, though, P&G is sitting in for the insanely idiotic womyn studies professor in interpreting the world through her fragile feminist-fried neuroses.

Here is a simple reality check that any thoughtful, unprogrammed person can see. “Like a girl” is an insult for boys and men. It is not an insult for girls or women. It means that a boy should not run like a girl (meaning less quickly), throw like a girl (less quickly or aggressively), or fight like a girl (less aggressively). As such, it is a recognition of natural differences between boys and girls, between men and women, where human males are, by nature, as a sex (and not necessarily for every individual—an unfortunately necessary qualification added due to the abysmal level of education these days), bodily stronger and quicker than human females. This is obvious to anyone not entirely blinded by fanatical feminist ideology. So, “don’t run like a girl” is similar to other insults directed at people who are not living up to the standard appropriate for them, as when one states that someone (an adult) is acting like a child, or when someone yells to a driver (who has vision), “Are you blind?!?!” These comments are not insults for children or the blind. Similarly, our foolish elite-cum-Kindergarten-school-marm get their corsets in a twist when someone says, “Don’t act retarded,” but that is an entirely sensible suggestion for someone who is not retarded. No one blames the retarded for being retarded, but people justly demand that their fellows with normal cognitive functioning not behave like idiots.

It is sad—woefully so—that anyone would need to point this out, given how simple and straightforward it is. And yet, P&G will run this moronic ad, earn praise from the cultural establishment for doing so, and profit from the successful management of its bovine audience.

Furthermore, the commercial and the articles about it note that self-esteem (that hallowed end of our national self-worshipping cult) plummets among girls during puberty. I wonder what those same studies show about boys. Who knows? No one but Christina Hoff Sommers cares about them. However, I have a theory about that self-esteem plummeting. First, as we mature, we learn more. We become (or should become) increasingly aware of our significance, or lack thereof, in and to our larger society. As children, we are often the centers of our universe. This changes when we learn that other people have their own ends and intentions that usually do not involve us. Such is difficult to accept, but it is part of growing up. As such, we should be happy that it happens to boys and girls. Second, we need to know whether this decrease in self-esteem has changed over time, generationally. If it has, then something besides maturity is at work, and I suspect that such is the case. A twelve year old girl today doesn’t live in a world appropriate for her—or for any other human being. Rather, she exists in a world where whores have become the standard model for women. From tween pop stars to department store fashion, the pubescent girl in contemporary America walks in the societal equivalent of a strip joint, writ large and in neon with SLUTS SLUTS SLUTS. This situation is trying for a mature, stable woman; it is cruel and nightmarish for a girl who is just beginning to experience puberty.

The feminist response is to march in Take Back the Night rallies and to sacralize bizarre pagan devotion to rituals like The Vagina Monologues, among other crimes and misdemeanors against civilization. The correct reaction would be to fight against and to reverse the sexual revolution. But “turning back the clock” has never been on their agenda.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 30, A.D. 2015
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90% of Western corporations facilitate anti-Traditional activities. A far cry from the honorable trade guilds of yesteryear. Such companies often have indoctrination ‘seminars’ about how they can ‘help the community’ by forwarding garbage like this ad campaign. SJWs are one of America’s biggest lobbying organizations.

Posted by Mark Citadel on Saturday, January 31, A.D. 2015
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