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Wednesday, November 7, A.D. 2012
Just Desserts

The citizens of these United States have made their choice. I firmly believe that President Obama is the leader that our society deserves. As I stated last week in “Buchanan Endorses Romney,” Joseph de Maistre’s aphorism always holds true.

My own thoughts accord with those of Lawrence Auster: “How we have lost America and put ourselves under the power of leftists, aliens, and parasites who intend our harm.” He wrote last week:

The fact that such a failed, irresponsible, unworthy, lying, leftist, anti-American president is in such a tight race against such a plausible and competent opponent, instead of facing the certainty of a Carter-type repudiation by the electorate, is a very sobering indicator of the state of our country. It confirms the view, held by some on the right, that America has already been transformed into a different country, a country in which blacks, Hispanic and other nonwhite immigrants, single women, and alienated white leftists—constituencies that hardly existed or were largely insignificant fifty years ago—now exercise virtual control over our politics and assure the county’s ever more leftward course. Therefore, even if the Republicans manage to pull out a victory this time, and in office slow down the country’s leftist march somewhat, and in particular stop the imminent catastrophe of Obamacare, all of which I very much hope happens, America in the long run is still lost. Our future is to be a country ruled by a coalition of nonwhite parasites and white leftist scum.

For generations, men in the West have refused to patrol the city walls and to defend their people from the barbarians; they have acquiesced to internal and external, spiritual and bodily foes. Such cowardice and negligence lead inevitably to the city’s ruin. It is no surprise for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 7, A.D. 2012
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