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Monday, June 4, A.D. 2012
Jewish Genes

I would like belatedly to wish my Orthodox readers a joyous Pentecost!

Today’s title makes me pine for Gilda Radner, but I can only offer Steve Sailer’s posting of Jon Entine’s review of Harry Ostrer’s Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People: “Jewish Daily Forward: ‘Jews Are a “Race,” Genes Reveal.’” The topic is fascinating, both in itself and in how people discuss the material.

I had never before heard of the Lemba. The history of man is a fascinating mess.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, June 4, A.D. 2012
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Update Comprehension Of Culture-Genetics

Legacy:// A Genetic History of the Jewish People by Harry Ostrer

A genetic history of a cultural phenotype is the progeny of its cultural history.

Genetics is the progeny of culture. Culture, the reaction to and exploitation of circumstances, shapes the genetic expressions and profile. Genes are organisms, life’s primal organisms.

See Darwin, Pavlov and cause and cure of addictions…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

Posted by Dov on Sunday, July 22, A.D. 2012
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