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Friday, January 23, A.D. 2015
Goldberg on “Social Justice”

Jonah Goldberg examines “social justice” in the following short video:

Since my first days of undergrad at a Jesuit university, I have had to deal with the “social justice” crowd. It has been trying. My favorite commentary about “social justice” is my friend Andrew’s riff on Voltaire’s comment: “Catholic social justice is neither Catholic, nor social, nor justice.” I appreciate the comment’s humor and its appropriate insistence that “social justice” is not just. For me, the perverse word twisting is the most insulting aspect of “social justice” because it denigrates real justice, one of the cardinal virtues and proper aims of politics. Such makes it the maggoty gerbil corpse cherry on the fecal sundae of leftist lunacy.

“Social justice” ideology results from egalitarianism, which against all evidence holds that all human beings—and all human wills—are equal and have equal worth. If such were true, then any inequality would be an offense against nature (if there were such a thing!) and should be corrected. If such were true, then erasing or minimizing inequality would be just—that is, it would give each his due—since all are due the same. If such were true, any hierarchy or order would be inherently unjust—as those arrangements require specified roles for different people and necessarily introduce power structures. If such were true, power structures would intrinsically be instruments of oppression, as any authority of some over others disrupts equality. If such were true, then truth, beauty, and goodness would be merely self created (and self interested and sadly imposed) values, since real truth, beauty, and goodness set standards by which some opinions are truer than others, some actions are better than others, and some things (and, the horror) faces are more beautiful than others. What a messy mass of inequality mankind would be! It is therefore not a coincidence that the “social justice” crowd as a Venn diagram set largely overlaps those of nihilists, amoralists, the aesthetes of ugliness, and other neer-do-wells.

Curiously, I discovered with cynical delight the acronym “SJW” just last month. I had never seen it before, and then, apparently all of a sudden, I found it everywhere on non-leftist web sites. I had to look it up to find out that it stood for “social justice warrior.” It is a brilliant caricature, as it defines that crowd by pointing out their comical belligerence. Parasitic cheerleaders of parasites (PCP) might be more accurate, but SJW works well, too.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 23, A.D. 2015
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