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Friday, December 10, A.D. 2010
Glastonbury Thorn Destroyed

The United Kingdom is in a ruinous state. You may have read that hooligans have rioted in Britain’s cities over an increase in student fees. “Youth” even attacked the car of Prince Charles and Camilla while they were on their way to the theater. I doubt that the perpetrators will be charged with treason; the men of the sceptered isle no longer believe in their crown or their law. Dysfunction reigns supreme in Albion, and I fear that it may be even worse there than here. At least, there is a vocal minority in the States who occasionally refuse to cower to the barbarians. Where is Arthur when he is needed?

It seems as if the madness has even reached dear Glastonbury, which I have visited twice to pay homage to my patron saint, Joseph of Arimathea. Evidently, someone vandalized one of the Glastonbury Thorns yesterday. Of course, the sacrilege is not as bad as when filthy pig Cromwell’s men destroyed the ancient hallowed tree, of which the current trees are cuttings. What possesses people? Well, I suppose that we know the answer.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, December 10, A.D. 2010
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Sadly, I have to agree with you about the ruinous state of Britain, my home country.  One of its citizens’ most prized attributes seems to have deserted it completely.  I refer to Common Sense.  Things are certainly out of kilter when the ladies who do a magnificent voluntary job in arranging flowers in Gloucester Cathedral have been told that they must be vetted by the police for criminal records.  The rationale, if you can call it that, seems to be that as they work in a building that contains choirboys, they need to be screened for paedophilia!  As most of them are middle-aged or more, I would hazard a guess that such a connection is highly unlikely.  Regarding the Glastonbury Thorn vandalism, I shall reserve my grief for the time being to see if it will grow again, as I strongly suspect it will.

Posted by Nicholas on Saturday, December 11, A.D. 2010

Nicholas, it would be discriminatory for the bureaucrats in charge to target resources intelligently. For the same reason, Americans suffer being treated as potential terrorists when they fly commercially. The leftist mind cannot accept unequal treatment, even when the situation warrants it.

You have connections to Britain and to South Africa? It is difficult to watch civilization self destruct, isn’t it?

P.S.) My site’s IP to Nation module must not have an updated IP range for South Africa. At first, the American flag showed up with your post. I then updated the IP database, and now Egypt shows up. That is rather far from Cape Town. I suppose that internet services are sprouting up rapidly in Africa, and IP to Nation databases will continue to lag.

Posted by Joseph from Arimathea on Saturday, December 11, A.D. 2010
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