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Thursday, December 4, A.D. 2008
Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

Today on the Julian calendar is the feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, one of the twelve great feasts of the Church.

The non-canonical Gospel of Saint James, thought by scholars to have been written in the second century, describes the event as well as mentions other traditional accounts of the Virgin Mary’s life. In the seventh chapter, it reads:

She [Anna] cared for the child for months. When the child turned two years old, Joachim said, “Let’s take her to the temple of the Lord so we can relate the message we were given.” And Anna said, “Let’s wait until the third year, so that she will not seek her father or mother.” And Joachim said, “Let’s wait.” When the child turned three, Joachim said, “Let’s call the pure women of the Hebrews. Let them take up lamps and light them so that the child will not turn back and her heart will never be led away from the temple of the Lord.” And they did these things until they went up to the temple of the Lord. And the priest welcomed her. Kissing her, he blessed her and said, “The Lord God has magnified your name for all generations; through you the Lord will reveal deliverance to the children of Israel in the last days.” And he set her down on the third step of the altar and the Lord God poured grace upon her. She danced triumphantly with her drinks and every house in Israel loved her.

You can listen here to a talk by Fr. Thomas Hopko on the feast.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, December 4, A.D. 2008
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