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Friday, March 1, A.D. 2013
Dostoevsky on Modern Conservatism

Last Friday was the one hundred thirty-second anniversary of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s death according to the Church’s calendar (February 9 O.S.). Recently, Mark Hackard republished “Dostoevsky on Modern Conservatism” on Alternative Right. In alt-right speak, Hackard’s piece on The Possessed is quite the “untimely observation.”

How strange it is that an apostate German linguist and a Russian Orthodox novelist, both from the nineteenth century, were, are, and will continue to be modernity’s greatest critics and prophets.

Update:  Alternative Right appears to be going through a transition with new software, and Hackard’s article is currently unavailable. I expect the link to be repaired in the future, and I’ll leave the post. In the meantime, given Mark Hackard’s Russian expertise, here is some Friday frivolity to end this fast free week:

Reddit asks its readers what President Putin must have said to terrify the boy. They, however, do not know much about Russian Orthodoxy. What really scares the child is the prospect of acting out of line in front of Vladimir Vladimirovich, in the Lord’s house, during the divine liturgy, in the midst of pious Russian women. Those бабушками are the real enforcers of order and Orthodoxy.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, March 1, A.D. 2013
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