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Monday, June 1, A.D. 2009
Come Monday Night

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian has released a video for “Come Monday Night” from his God Help the Girl musical movie. I wrote about God Help the Girl in April, and now I’m glad to get a glimpse of it. Moreover, it is good to see and to hear more of Catherine Ireton.

In reviewing Murdoch’s new project, The Pop Cop perspicaciously notes:

Take a look at the cover artwork of Belle & Sebastian’s many releases and you would probably come to the conclusion that Stuart Murdoch has a thing for brunettes.

So perhaps that why he has taken this healthy fascination to its natural conclusion with GOD HELP THE GIRL, a project that sees an array of ladies on vocal duties with Belle & Seb playing the music.

The Scotsman has great taste.

As God Help the Girl will not be released until next year, I do not really know the plot. However, it seems that the character “James,” played by James Anthony Pearson, might be Murdoch’s self-projection.

Anyway, enjoy Ireton and the gals’ incarnation of Stuart Murdoch’s vision.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, June 1, A.D. 2009
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