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Wednesday, May 25, A.D. 2011
Branch of the Harlot

In case you missed it while practicing your heathen ways during Bright Week (which itself obviously originates in pagan celebrations of devilish poetry in honor of the Norse god Bragi), Bible believing and soul saving site Galatians 4 posted an important entry warning everyone about Mystery Babylonianism: “The Orthodox Church: Branch of the Harlot.”

What I have always found interesting about the Orthodox church, is while Catholicism in America had to water itself down a bit to entice the Protestants into it’s doors and for the ecumenical movement especially post Vatican II, and while both have an endless array of pagan and occult traditions in the Orthodox churches they are quite more blatant, there you can see the Eastern paganism in all it’s shining non-stripped away false “glory”, the Alexandrian cult fully married to a veneer of Christianity.

Those damned Easterners just shamelessly like to throw their idol worshiping weirdness right in your face!


Among other things, the writer is upset at iconostases that separate the faithful from the altar, noting,

This is recreating the “temple”, ignoring the fact the Jesus Christ rent the veil from top to bottom, there was to be no more temples, inner courts or laity vs clergy set-ups anymore.

We do call our worship places temples, and we see them as a continuation of the Hebrews’ temple worship, though universalized through the Cross, spread by the Great Commission, and perfected in spirit and in truth.

Moreover, I suppose that the fellow does not know about the symbolism of the templon’s Beautiful Gate during the liturgy. For the holy doors open during the parts of the liturgy when God “reaches” out to man, as with scriptural revelation and, most importantly, the Eucharist. Once “Christ is in our midst,” the doors and the curtain remain ever open. The removal of the curtain right before Communion signifies the rending of the temple veil.

The rest of the entry is typical Protestant criticism. At least, the confused chap rightly rejects the World Council of Churches [sic].

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 25, A.D. 2011
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