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Monday, June 28, A.D. 2010
Bad Vestments

Last week, I discovered a funny site that showcases absurd vestment choices, primarily in the Anglican communion. Laugh, cry, and indulge in sectarian pride and bigotry with Bad Vestments.

Some of the vestment styles that the blogger finds egregious are not too bad, but most are horrible. In viewing them, one wonders who thought that such was a good idea. Remember that a chain of bad decisions had to have existed, from the tailor to the parish purchaser to the person wearing the vestments. However, it is not that surprising in the case of the Anglicans. If your religion has lost its collective mind, then appropriate liturgical fashion sense ought to deteriorate soon, as well.

Also, I find many Anglican “clerics” to look rather creepy. This may not be fair, but on looks alone would you trust this man with your children?

It seems as if this fellow, Mr. Duncan, is one of the decent Episcopalian leaders who wishes for his sect to remain Christian, more or less. Yet, I find the look a bit pervy. Perhaps, my Eastern bias is too strong; I prefer bishops to look like Santa Claus or wizards. For instance, compare this Anglican “bishop,”

to one of our own, the late Archbishop Micah of Yaroslavl,

Who looks more like an heir to the apostles?

Getting back to Bad Vestments, you will enjoy the site, with its amazingly atrocious finds and its irreverent commentary. I particularly like this stole story:

This is an example of a good vestment idea that wasn’t brought off particularly well. The dove and the fire are perfectly fine representations of the Holy Spirit. Just don’t have the dove flying toward the fire on one side and absent in the other.

It reminds me of one of my favorite t shirt designs:

Perhaps, the E.C.U.S.A. could incorporate the design into vestments and thereby raise awareness of roadway duckling fatalities.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, June 28, A.D. 2010
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