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Friday, January 14, A.D. 2011
Are You Coming Over for Christmas?

Yesterday was the Apodosis of the Nativity (on the old calendar), and today is the celebration of Christ’s circumcision and the feast of Saint Basil. That means that the Nativity season is winding down, as tomorrow is the forefeast of the Theophany. The twelve days are almost over. To celebrate the end of the season, here is Belle and Sebastian’s “Are You coming Over for Christmas?” The video is apparently a Christmas greeting that some folks made for their friends, who appear to be nuns (Mother Ann and Mary Agnes). If so, that makes the song selection a bit odd, but maybe the bizarre mixture fits Belle and Sebastian perfectly.

Belle and Sebastian also did a recording of “Veni Emmanuel” for the charity album, “It’s a Cool, Cool Christmas.”

The harmonica is so very Stevie-esque.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 14, A.D. 2011
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