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Thursday, October 2, A.D. 2014
Animated Diveyevo

Happy October! I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

For today, I present another example of the Russkies’ brick by brick strategy to reinculturate their nation in its ancestral faith—a cartoon set during the Second World War about a girl who has some saintly help. The movie will come out next year, but a preview has been released:

Many Orthodox Christians will recognize the opening scene as Saint Seraphim’s cell, with his famous Умиление icon of the Theotokos shown prominently. A nice touch, as are the paschal eggs. For the saint always lived in Eastertide, no matter the season.

I like the little seraphim cum sprites—quite fitting, I suppose, given the subject matter. I imagine that seraphim would be terrifying, but I suppose that they would adapt their appearance to their audience, so to speak.

I also inwardly smiled at the little girl’s precarious footing sequences. Of course, children everywhere will find such thrilling, and it makes sense for it to be a small element in the film for that reason. However, the Russians never adopted the Nerf-ball approach to childhood danger, and the little girl’s actions are more indicative of what those folks over there do than an American Soccer Mom would expect—or tolerate (e.g. this and that).

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, October 2, A.D. 2014
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I’m very excited for this movie to come out!

I thought you might also enjoy this animated short about the life of St. Seraphim.  It’s in Russian with Greek subtitles, but you don’t really need to understand the words perfectly to follow the story.

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, January 20, A.D. 2015
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