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Sunday, June 21, A.D. 2009
All Saints of Your Land

Last Sunday, the Orthodox Church celebrated the feast of All Saints. This Sunday, each local Church remembers and celebrates the saints who figured prominently in its land.

Here is an icon of the Orthodox saints from America.

They are (from bottom to top and from left to right):

Herman of Alaska, Valaam monk and missionary to Alaska
John (Maximovitch), Bishop of Shanghai and later Archbishop of San Francisco
Innocent of Alaska, missionary bishop to Alaska and later Metropolitan of Moscow
Tikhon of Moscow, Archbishop of New York and later Patriarch of Moscow

Juvenaly of Alaska, Valaam monk and missionary to Alaska, martyred in Alaska.
Raphael of Brooklyn, Bishop of Brooklyn
Varnava (Nastić), Bishop of Hvosno, born in Gary, Indiana, confessor under the Yugoslavian Communists
Jacob Netsvetov, Russian-Aleut priest in Alaska
Peter the Aleut, protomartyr of America, martyred by the Spanish in California

John Kochurov, priest in America and later martyred under the Bolsheviks
Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, former Uniate who led a mass conversion to Orthodoxy
Nikolai Velimirovic, Bishop of Žiča and later rector of Saint Tikhon’s Seminary
Alexander Hotovitzky, priest in America and later martyred under the Soviets

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, June 21, A.D. 2009
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