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Friday, January 11, A.D. 2013
A Prayer for Lawrence Auster

Christ is born!

I have been posting music to celebrate this first week of the nativity feast. To end the week and to commemorate the feast of the holy innocents, I wish to share a request for corporate prayer for the health and salvation of Lawrence Auster, who maintains View from the Right. Kristor has posted the details on The Orthosphere, where he also recounts his own experience of communal supplication with regard to his son. He also adds some typically Kristoresque commentary that I appreciate:

Amazing things can happen with prayer. With God, all things are possible. I have some fancy-shmancy philosophical theories about prayer that make it seem all reasonable and tidy, and intelligible (to me, anyway). But really, it’s not. Not that my theories are just wrong, but that while reality is surely intelligible, and orderly, it is also fundamentally wild, and far transcends our inward vision, no matter how far or well we see.

Fundamentally wild—like Lewis’ “He’s wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.”

Please pray for Lawrence.

Merciful Lord, visit us in our time of need and affliction; and as you healed Jairus’ daughter and raised her from her bed of infirmity, visit your servant, Master, and deliver him from sickness and pain. For you alone have born the sickness and affliction of our world and with you nothing is impossible. For you are all-merciful and to you we ascribe glory and adoration forever. Amen.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 11, A.D. 2013
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