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Hello, Tyler, thanks for stopping by. I hope that you’re well. I’ve commented elsewhere on the madness, but I’ve just not felt inspired to write about it on here. I hate to see my most cynical and “black-pilled” predictions coming true. I admit that the more Machiavellian part of me has always appreciated the Bolshevik wisdom in “the worse, the better.” I distinctly remember having a particularly depressed conversation with Andrew in undergrad., following a Students for Life meeting, where I wondered whether all our actions in trying to foster a healthier, saner America were misguided. I believed then that the republic was inherently unstable and destined for something like what we are currently witnessing. I said that perhaps we should simply step back and watch it all come crashing down. However, such is not the dominant voice in my soul. On the eve of Obama’s election, I wrote,

“Some folks would counsel letting the sinking ship go down into the deep. All attempts to make it more seaworthy are just delaying the day when the vessel takes people down. I see reason in such ideas, but there is something rather inhuman about that calculating—it reminds me of eugenic infanticide. For the inevitable day might truly come, but it seems to me that we should defend the city nonetheless while we have strength. Perhaps, this is simply a matter of political sentiment rather than reason, but allowing one’s community to disintegrate, even with good long-term intentions, feels ignoble and wrong. You may put obstacles and difficulties in your children’s life because you love them and know that such challenges will make them stronger. No good mother, however, poisons her child so that another more promising child can come to take his place. Moreover, every sinking ship results in deaths and destruction; should we willingly stand by? Even terrible human regimes are often replaced by worse ones, which is a good argument against revolution. Radical social upheaval rarely—possibly never—does the body politic good. I’ll likely revisit this strategic-political topic in the future, but enough of it now.”

And so I find myself in the current year as a child who is watching his mother inevitably succumb to a terrible disease—feeling powerless to change her fate and dread about the life that will unfold after she departs.

Yet and still, we are witnessing things’ becoming ever more clear. The revealed picture is not pleasant, but knowledge is inherently good and useful. We need to know the extent of the affliction.

Comment on "Gianna Beretta Molla" by Joseph from Arimathea on Monday, August 31, A.D. 2020

I can only imagine what your thoughts are on the current insanity occurring across the country. COVID, the riots… what a world we are living in.


Comment on "Gianna Beretta Molla" by Tyler on Thursday, August 27, A.D. 2020

No one has a right to bring me into this horrible world, especially not via this demeaning, animalistic drive. Life sucks—why is suicide not allowed as a Christian? Why am I forced to live this joke of a life? I hate it. Almost every minute. What are we here for? Aquinas and Augustine simply wrote most of their times, they hardly noticed they were alive; and as an atheist, I thought myself that only as a genius would I be able to live. And even then, why even continue? I see no advantage of existence over non-existence; maybe in heaven, this makes sense: eternal bliss, yes, that I could understand. No suffering _at all_, no ennui, no pain, not even the slightest. But down here, on earth? With the prospect of ending up in hell forever? Nope. Blessed are those who never saw the light of day. Jeremiah 20:14-18! Ecclesiastes 4:3! Philippians 1:20-23!

Comment on "Prolife per Bonald" by Ugly hunchback, genetic dreck on Thursday, March 5, A.D. 2020

Greetings! Thank you for alerting me to the dead video links. I could not track down the Dateline story elsewhere, though the linked page features a video that might be available to Australians. It was inactive for me. I did find the Carlson segment—at least it is the one that I believe was originally linked.

I wish you the best. At my D.C. parish, we had an Aussie priest of Russo-Chinese ancestry for some years before he returned to his homeland. I always enjoyed hearing his sermons with his Southern Cross accent. And speaking of your country, are you familiar with Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative? I find him very insightful. He apparently organizes traditionalist meetings in eastern Australia. So, you might be able to attend one of those gatherings. Vale!

Comment on "Putin's Family Values versus the Emasculation of American Men" by Joseph from Arimathea on Monday, September 24, A.D. 2018

Dear Joseph,
It might be we have much more in common than just interest in obscure sides of history and in Theology. I came across some of your posts/comments in Orthosphere and liked them. You may find more about who ‘m I on my FB page combining my Christian name (vide supra) with my family name Faigl. In the Icon therein, I’m almost invisibly present, but Im confident yo will find me there.
With U tube it is a problem: both videos on your Putins_family_values have disappeared. Perhaps next time (hope there is something like next time) you may chose to download them to your blog (disconnected from the U Tube censors).
Be blessed and under God’s care

Comment on "Putin's Family Values versus the Emasculation of American Men" by Pavel on Saturday, September 15, A.D. 2018

Oh wow that is quite a coincidence! And I hear you, that is definitely understandable. Glad you can appreciate Peterson. I have never heard of Adam Bede but will have to check it out.

Comment on "Dolores O'Riordan: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis" by Tyler on Thursday, March 15, A.D. 2018

Weird synchronism strikes again. Last night, I planned to write the following post, which features a short exchange on video between Tucker Carlson and Dr. Peterson, and then I found your comments. I am familiar with Dr. Peterson and judge any academic man who maintains his dignity among the muck admirable and worthy of praise. I hope that you are doing well, too, and I apologize for my scant offerings over the past years. I no longer have the same motivation to write; even commenting on current events makes me feel so miasmically polluted. That is a poor excuse, as there is a practical infinity of interesting and wondrous topics. So, that leaves me with admitting how lazy and worthless I am. Anyway, good luck in your reading. I just started Adam Bede, and I continually marvel at Evans’ insight into the human condition. Take care.

Comment on "Dolores O'Riordan: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis" by Joseph from Arimathea on Monday, March 12, A.D. 2018

Also, are you familiar with Jordan Peterson? I’m reading his 12 Rules for Life and his view of what God actually is is kind of interesting. He’s trying to rescue modern people from the kind of nihilism that lead to the Soviet Union.

Comment on "Dolores O'Riordan: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis" by Tyler on Saturday, March 10, A.D. 2018

I still check on this page every now and then! Hope things are going well for you.

Comment on "Dolores O'Riordan: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis" by Tyler on Saturday, March 10, A.D. 2018

I don’t think anybody of sound mind would shed a tear for Lindsey if she was fed to dogs. haha

In any event, my blog has now moved to Wordpress, so feel free to update the link in your Links section whenever you get a moment. I can now be found at:

All the best, brother.

Comment on "Run, Lindsey, Run!" by Mark Citadel on Wednesday, February 1, A.D. 2017

Hmm, sorry to hear you have problems commenting. It may be a browser issue?

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. I had a post at the Orthosphere you may enjoy.

Comment on "Already Disappointed by Trump" by Mark Citadel on Wednesday, January 18, A.D. 2017

Dear Mark,

Christmas greetings to you! My post was tongue-in-cheek. Of course, we shouldn’t put our trust in princes, and it will take many more far trumpier Trumps to begin to alter our nations’ current trajectory toward ruin. Short of a nationally televised (and celebrated) public execution of Jessica Valenti and 11,000 Brazen Whores on the National Mall by Tradition, Family, and Property counter-revolutionaries in full regalia, no politician could even feign to Make America Great Again. Still and all, I’ve been delighted by the Trump era in so many ways. We must be thankful for small mercies.

By the way, I cannot post comments on your site. I submit them but I get the impression that the site does not register them.

Comment on "Already Disappointed by Trump" by Joseph from Arimathea on Monday, January 16, A.D. 2017

The key was never being invested in him as a ruling figure in the first place. Trump was a means to achieve certain goals, both geopolitical and in terms of acceptable narrative. The latter has already happened, while the former seems still likely. Trump doesn’t seem to be in any rush to start a war in Syria.

Comment on "Already Disappointed by Trump" by Mark Citadel on Monday, November 28, A.D. 2016

Good stuff. This past year has really been spectacular in terms of growth all across the board.

Comment on "Eighth Anniversary" by Mark Citadel on Friday, October 14, A.D. 2016

Glad you caught this. A very interesting piece from Hitchens for sure. I always enjoy his writing, even if I don’t agree with him on everything, and his television appearances often end up hurting his own case due to the blackpill demeanor.

Comment on "Peter Hitchens on Russia" by Mark Citadel on Thursday, September 15, A.D. 2016

You’re welcome Joseph.
I personally swayed at least 2 people toward voting out.
We shall prevail.
God bless.

Comment on "Rule, Britannia!" by Gary on Thursday, July 21, A.D. 2016

Trump operates as a businessman rather than an ideologue. This makes him immediately positive for Russia, because the current Russian president understands business very well.

Comment on "Dugin on the Election" by Mark Citadel on Sunday, July 17, A.D. 2016

I very much enjoy Dugin’s Guideline, and have purchased his book ‘Last War of the World Island’, but have yet to get around to reading it.

Comment on "Dugin on the Election" by Mark Citadel on Saturday, May 28, A.D. 2016

What a harrowing thought that they lost their son. This is true piety, and puts the empty holiness signalling currently going on in some ‘Christian’ circles concerning the ‘rapefugees’ to shame.

Comment on "Seraphim of Vyritsa" by Mark Citadel on Monday, May 9, A.D. 2016

Thanks for linking this!

Comment on "Maria Potapova Remembers Saint John of Shanghai" by Mark Citadel on Monday, April 18, A.D. 2016
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