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Saturday, July 25, A.D. 2009
A Wedding to Attend

I would like to congratulate the wonderful couple who marry today. I wish you every good and fitting fortune.

Be thou magnified, O bridegroom, as Abraham, and blessed as Isaac, and increased as Jacob, walking in peace and working in righteousness the commandments of God.

And thou, O bride, be thou magnified as Sarah, and glad as Rebecca, and do thou increase like unto Rachael, rejoicing in thine own husband, fulfilling the conditions of the law; for so it is well pleasing unto God.

Many blessings and many years to you!

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, July 25, Anno Domini 2009
Saturday, November 1, A.D. 2008
Aaron Is Engaged

Aaron is engaged. Laura and he are planning for a wedding in A.D. 2010. Congratulations!

It is about time that we get some people of quality in the family.

The icon is of the Wedding Feast at Cana.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, November 1, Anno Domini 2008