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Welcome to my little patch of web grass.
Monday, May 12, A.D. 2014
Monday Mentions

Der Meschiache undzer iz geshtanen!

Happy birthday to my brother!

For today, I offer several links that may interest you:

“Is Hobbes really alive? Or is this ‘just’ a delusion of Calvin’s? (Plus, is Father Christmas/ Santa Claus really real?)” by Bruce Charlton

“They made a schism with the whole universe”—wherein Bonald provides some stirring passages from Burke about the French revolution on the Orthosphere

Barney painted by former President Bush in a story about the First Dog’s death last year

The Doctor, The Eye Doctor and Me: Analogies and Parallels Between The World of Doctor Who and the Syrian Conflict—from my friend Andrew who wonders about the market size for such a work

“How Long Are We Going to Live in This Injustice?”—a report from Amnesty International about the persecution of Egyptian Christians

Posted by Joseph on Monday, May 12, Anno Domini 2014
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