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Welcome to my little patch of web grass.
Friday, October 1, A.D. 2010
Second Anniversary

Arimathea turns two years old today. If you visit regularly, I would like to thank you. Looking back, I have posted far less in the past year than in the first year, but I suppose that one’s enthusiasm for blogs is normally greater when they are new. Here is a snapshot of the page’s current statistics (with last year’s anniversary stats in parentheses), listed in descending order of popularity:

Total combined page hits: 346,591 (51,294)

Comments: 99,723 (4,411)
Comments preview: 68,051 (9)
Permalink page (for individual posts): 54,068 (13,784)
RSS feed link: 21,490 (7,271)
Main (introductory) page: 20,281 (8,425)
Philosophy realm: 10,600 (3,430)
Religion realm: 8,894 (2,211)
World realm: 8,040 (976)
Fun realm: 7,786 (2,083)
Music realm: 7,274 (2,232)
Atom feed link: 7,268 (287)
Nature realm: 4,397 (864)
Commerce realm: 4,033 (785)
Arimathean realm: 3,397 (817)
Links: 2,063 (560)
Archives: 1,664 (360)
About: 1,649 (386)
Acknowledgments: 409 (178)
Smileys (for comments): 337 (66)
Fonts: 302 (68)
Categories: 230 (94)
Search with results: 103 (62)
Search without results: 89 (8)
Search page itself (as opposed to searching from another page): 78 (16)

The huge number of comments preview strikes suggests the activity of roaming spam bots. I have had problems with my comments function since the beginning. Captchas would not work, people would complain that the system would not let them comment, and I found out that I had inadvertently banned people from commenting who were using certain browsing platforms. Thus, I have no idea how many people tried to comment on my page over the last two years. A few months ago, I decided to get rid of the spam protections and simply go through the motions of reviewing all comments before they posted. The number of spam comments has increased dramatically, but few people comment. Therefore, a large portion of my site’s traffic has been automated, which bruises my blogger ego.

Among the amusing words in my search log, I find: jew, plymouth, coulter, mother, and boozette. I refuse to mention others.

The top referrer for this site over the last year has been a Wikipedia entry on Al Bowlly. Someone used a post that I wrote on Bowlly as a reference for the article. It is amazing how many people visit my page just due to that link.

So, small beans, all and all, but it still provides an outlet for my ideas and a way to share web finds with friends and family.

By the way, happy October! Enjoy the autumn.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 1, Anno Domini 2010
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