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Thursday, February 13, A.D. 2014
Kaluga Convent

The Olympic Games in Sochi continue; you may wish keep the athletes and their delegations in mind and in your prayers.

Unfortunately, the offering today is not in English and has no subtitles. If you know Russian, you will doubtlessly be watching decent coverage of the games through some IP trickery rather than surfing the web because you have tired of NBC. For us Americans, we must suffer through leftist commentary and propaganda, courtesy of General Electric and General Motors, if we wish to watch television coverage of Sochi. If you do not know Russian, you may still enjoy the videos of the Nativity of the Theotokos women’s monastery in Kaluga, south of Moscow. The first video is of the monastery, while the second consists chiefly of an interview with the abbess. The convent maintains an English site, as well.

Богородично-Рождественская девичья пустынь:

The second video is clearer and shows that the convent is truly Orthodox—by the presence of cats and goats.

Девичья Пустынь:

You know that monasteries just have to come cum cattis caprisque.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, February 13, Anno Domini 2014
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