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Friday, February 24, A.D. 2012
Franchesca Ramsey

For my last Cheesefare post, I offer you Franchesca Ramsey’s comedy. In case you are not yet aware of her, here is “**** White Girls Say to Black Girls” (rated PG):

“Jews were slaves, too. You don’t hear us complaining about it all the time.”

You may watch the sequel, as well.

Ramsey has one of the most important qualities for doing comedy well—keen perception. Comedy is anthropology applied as a salve—or emetic—to the soul. Moreover, Ramsey is clever, as evident in “No Mo’ ‘No Homo’” (rated PG):

Euripides meets Essence.

Of course, Euripides was not a comedian, but the Athenian comedians were not culturally subversive. Aristophanes did not set himself up as the judge of his society; he rather lampooned those who attacked convention. Times have indeed changed. As decendants of “the most tragic of the poets,” many contemporary comedians mock convention and alienate themselves from tradition. Such social criticism has its hygienic uses—like plaque candy for a culture. A healthy society also has a robust culturally affirming public life, the excesses of which are well tempered by the occasionally searing reality check by ascetics, philosophers, and jokers. Unfortunately, modern America is sickly, and our priests, thinkers, and entertainers do not reflect a balance. They only see our ever falling short of their personal Zion.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, February 24, A.D. 2012
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